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Visual Encounters - Untitled (#VISENC_06)

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About: A limited edition series of highly visual abstract digital designs by contemporary artist Simon Cooper.
"Colour is the secret key to my work. I have always been preoccupied by the language of colours. They have fascinated me, particularly computer binary colours. Using colour, line, shape, space, and composition, I am able to create unity and harmony in my work and to convey meaning and mood. Identifying colour relationships, different white textured papers or canvas are used to evoke emotional response.
I use my eyes more than my ears because of my deafness. I observe colour more vigilantly. A computer allows me to expand the restrictions of traditional creative techniques. Speed drastically alters our perception, and has pushed modern technology to extremes proclaiming a new aesthetic. Translating digital binary from computer to paper/canvas fills me with a sense of accomplishment and integrity and has proven a wonderful way of experimentation."

Medium: Limited edition digital canvas stretched over a chunky box frame

Theme: Visual Encounters

Rental Price Category: ONE or TWO (see different sizes below)

Large: Sized 102by102cm (Rental Price Category ONE); or
Extra Large: Sized 122by122cm (Rental Price Category TWO).

Artist Info: Simon Cooper qualified in Fine Art at South East Essex College. He regularly exhibits some of his striking designs in shows in London and the South East.

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