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Going Green - Untitled (#GGREEN_09)

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About: The colours and shapes in the paintings of this artist seem to float freely in space. The net of energetically applied lines stretches far beyond the confines of the picture itself. These graphic structures do not limit the effect of the vibrant colours, but rather create a contrast that intensifies the colour force. The gentle illumination of the colours makes the viewer feel that he is making an emotional connection with the image. The viewer is not bound to any particular possible interpretation of the image. In fact, the compositions challenge the viewer to find their own connections to the painting, and to really play a role therein.

Medium: A limited edition range of designs printed onto a canvas and stretched over a chunky box frame

Theme: Going Green

Rental Price Category: ONE or TWO (see different sizes below)

Medium: Sized 65by90cm (Rental Price Category ONE); or
Large: Sized 87by122cm (Rental Price Category TWO).

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