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Effusion - Untitled (#EFFUSION_02)

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About: For Varonique Ball, painting is a dialogue between intent and chance. It is not merely unbridled passion that comes to the fore. Her impressive compositions are equally determined by her trained eye and technical experience. The interaction of explosive, outward-moving impulses and intentions focused inwards lend the artist's works a distinct tension. The authentic inner rhythm is of particular importance. Experience and self-confidence give her artistic security, allowing her to paint on impulse, and be swept away by spontaneous inspiration. Abstract designs printed digitally onto a canvas and stretched over a chunky box frame .

Medium: A limited edition range of designs printed onto a canvas and stretched over a chunky box frame

Theme: Effusion

Rental Price Category: ONE or TWO (see different sizes below)

Medium: Sized 75by75cm (Rental Price Category ONE); or
Large: Sized 102by102cm (Rental Price Category TWO).

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