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Earth Stories - Untitled (#EARTH_S_1003)

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About: Geological processes and Earth time are the main themes in Sue's work. Her images resonate. Fragments of time wrapped in accumulating layers, history unearthed by erosion. Each piece is reverse mounted onto a high grade piece of Perspex. The 10mm thick Perspex enhances the colours, definition and gives the whole piece a luxurious feel. Each piece has laser cut neat holes into each corner, flame polished sides and stainless steel fittings. The stylish fittings enable the artwork to stand proud from the wall and light to interact with the space around. The overall effect is modern, sleek and simply stunning!

Medium: Perspex Art

Theme: Earth Stories

Rental Price Category: ONE

Size: 60cm (W) by 80cm (H)

Artist Info: Having grown up in Cornwall, a place where there is a wealth of very different landscapes, Sue was immediately interested, fascinated and amazed, not just by its beauty but the stories the landscape has to tell. In 2001-2002, Sue participated in the MA Contemporary Visual Arts program at Falmouth College of Arts. She took this opportunity to explore her interest further, resulting in a collection of fabricated core samples titled 'Deposits'. These striking and unusual images were produced by taking close up photographs of these core samples she made during her MA. The outcome has been an original series of images titled 'Earth Stories'.

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