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Classic Landscapes - Untitled (#CL_03)

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About: Classic black and white landscape photographs that fill the viewer with awe in their monumentality. The powers that form and sculpt a landscape over countless millions of years lie at the heart of Dave's landscape cycles. Waterfalls that thunder over rocks with incredible force, trees that protrude into the heavens like sculptures. The expressiveness of these pictures is further increased by the skilfully controlled interplay of light and shadow.

Medium & Size:
70x70cm: Framed and gallery mounted photographic art prints (Category ONE)
102x102cm: Digital canvas stretched over a chunky box frame (Category TWO)

Theme: Classic Landscapes

Rental Price Category: ONE and TWO 

Artist Info: Dave Butcher has more than 30 years' experience in the area of black and white photography. He employs the classical methods, and even develops his own films and prints in his darkroom. 

"I take photographs on film and print on traditional silver gelatin paper to achieve the highest quality prints currently possible. Another strong motivation for staying with black and white film, rather than going the popular route of using digital, is the known long lifetime of processed negatives and prints. Film cameras also work at -30C in the mountains in winter, I’m not sure digital cameras would fare so well because of their reliance on batteries.

Over the years this has built an approach to my photography where I believe every picture I take is part of the historical record for wherever I am taking photographs. They are a blend of record and artistry. Some more record, some more artistry depending on the subject and conditions, especially light and weather. All of them are a part of me."

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