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Antelope Canyons - Untitled (#ANTELOPE_CANYON_04)

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About: This series of Perspex art by Alex Casels reflects the artist's travels through the Colorado Plateau and Antelope Canyon. The rich and varied collection of different geological features and landforms makes this feel like Mother Nature's studio and playground rolled into one. The sandstone rocks in the pictures have been eroded away by sediment carried by flash floods as they flow through the narrow canyon walls sculpting and scouring the soft rock into strange shapes and forms. Over time this has created the beautiful textures, curves and strange shapes with a rich range of colours that can seem almost un-real.

Each piece is reverse mounted onto a high grade piece of Perspex. The 10mm thick Perspex enhances the colours, definition and gives the whole piece a luxurious feel. Each piece has laser cut neat holes into each corner, flame polished sides and stainless steel fittings. The stylish fittings enable the artwork to stand proud from the wall and light to interact with the space around. The overall effect is modern, sleek and simply stunning!

Medium: Perspex Art 

Rental Price Category: TWO

Size: 80cm (W) by 60cm (H)

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