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And your chosen topic is renting artwork...

Below is a list of common questions we're asked, grouped by topics.

Topic 1 - General
a) how long is the art rental contract?
12 months, with a 10-day free trial period.

b) do you provide short-term art rentals?
no, our minimum art rental period is 12 months.

c) is there a minimum order size?
yes - minimum rental of 5 pieces of artwork in London and 10 pieces outside of London.

d) where do you offer your art rental service?
GingerWhite is based in E2, Bethnal Green, in East London. Our rental service for offices and businesses covers the Greater London region and the Home Counties.

e) what if I am based outside of these areas?
we may still be able to help, so please contact us with your needs. Note we may just need to charge a higher call out fee to reflect delivery times, depending on your order size.

f) do you rent artwork to private homes?
no, we specialise in renting artwork to offices and businesses.

Topic 2 - Delivery & Installation
a) who delivers and installs the paintings?
our professional team takes care of all delivery and installation. We don't outsource the work, so to be 100% sure the installation is done correctly.

b) what are your delivery times?
we arrange convenient delivery times to suit your business needs. Usually this is done during normal working hours, although if required, artwork can be installed in evenings and at weekends (a delivery surcharge fee will apply for out of hours work).

c) how often can we change the pictures?
we can come to rotate the artwork every 6, 12 or 24 months, depending upon the rotation plan you choose - see our rental prices and rotation plans.

d) when you change a picture, are there holes left in the wall?
the rotation is quick and clean if you use our picture hanging rail system (optional extra).

e) are the pictures secure on the wall?
yes, all of our pictures are firmly secured to the wall using two hooks per picture, so they are stable and always remain level.

Topic 3 - Artwork
a) where do you source the artwork from?
we source our artwork from a mixture of established full-time artists and from talented emerging artists. Most artists are from London and the UK, along with some international artists.

b) what is the style of the artwork you rent?
our rental collection is contemporary and suitable for a corporate setting. Artwork is uplifting, inspiring and modern, with an occasional twist of humour.

c) do we get a say in selecting the artwork?
yes, there are a number of ways to select artwork. The options are:
i) You choose - have a browse, create your own wish-list on our website, and send us this wish-list along with some photos of your wall spaces. We will then review, send you a tailored quote and finalise details with you.

ii) We recommend - some customers prefer us to suggest artwork ideas suitable for their business type and space. You can email us some photos and a description of your needs. Or we can arrange a site visit (free in central London). We can then create a tailored light-box for you to view artwork, share with colleagues and choose from.

iii) Let your staff vote - some customer allow their staff to have a say in choosing artwork, using our online staff voting tool (we will set up this tool for you based on a shortlist of your favourite artwork ranges, then process the scores for you and let you know the outcome).

Or sometimes our clients prefer a mix of the above options.

d) can we see samples of artwork in real-life first?
yes, once we have narrowed down your shortlist, we can either bring samples to your office so you can view in-situ, or we can make an appointment for you to view artwork at our gallery space in East London.

e) are labels or price tags stuck to the wall next to the artwork?
no, we do not put up labels or price tags next to the artwork, so your clients need never know you are renting artwork. Some customers choose to display information about the artwork being rented in their office, we can arrange this for you as required.

Topic 4 - Payment & Costs
a) when are rental payments made and how do we pay?
we invoice businesses quarterly in advance and ask for payment by BACS banks transfer (preferred) or via cheque. The first rental invoice is not issued until you are happy with the artwork installed - all of our rental agreements come with a 10-day trial period (we will change the art or cancel the agreement if you are not satisfied).

b) are there any other costs?
sometimes, yes.
If you are based outside of central London, a delivery surcharge fee will apply (this varies by location, typically £95 in Greater London (inside M25), and £125-145 for Home Counties).
You also have the option to purchase a picture hanging rail system - this costs £48 per picture installed (or we will hang the pictures for free using conventional picture hooks & pins).

c) is the rented artwork insured?
no, although usually our clients standard business contents insurance policy will already cover the rented art. If not, then the cheapest method is for our clients to arrange a simple extension to their existing policy (we'll help by providing a certificate of value). Or we can quote to provide insurance for you, if required.

d) can I cancel the rental contract?
yes - after the agreed minimum rental period, we ask for 3 months written notice.

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