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Create your own art rental wish-lists

Click on the video tutorials below for help in creating art rental wish-lists, organising and editing wish-lists and how to share your wish-lists with colleagues.

Tutorial 1: How to create art rental wishlist
This video shows you how to filter and search for artwork on our website, and how to save your favourites by creating an art rental wish-list.



Tutorial 2: How to organise and edit your art rental wish-lists
This video shows how you can create multiple art rental wish-lists (say for different areas, such as meeting room, reception and office), name your wish-lists, add your own notes, and move and delete artwork pieces in your wish-lists.



Tutorial 3: How to share your wish-lists with colleagues
This video shows you how you can share your wish-lists with your colleagues. You can copy and paste the URL page link into a website browser. Or you can click the email button. Or click the print button.

Note when you share your wish-lists, your colleagues can view but not edit the wish-lists. If you want to allow your colleagues to edit the wish-lists, you need to create an account (click icon  top right) and share the account login-details with your colleague.
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