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Equilibrium - Untitled (#ECQ_10)

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About:  Doug is a full time professional photographer, writer and teacher specialising in landscape and creative photography. He has been been shortlisted for Landscape Photographer of the year twice and writes regularly for both Outdoor Photography and Amateur Photography magazine. He has appeared several times on BBC radio discussing photography and has also lectured at degree level to photography students. Based in the UK, but traveling the world and working in both film and digital formats using a wide range of cameras to suit the light, weather, subject and feel he wants to create, Doug searches for locations and subjects that excite and move him. Through his images he wants the viewer to feel what he felt when he made the picture. “I am trying to communicate emotion and the passion I feel for the subject through the image."

Medium & Size:
70x70cm: Framed and gallery mounted photographic art prints (Category ONE)
102x102cm: Digital canvas stretched over a chunky box frame (Category TWO)

Theme: Equilibrium

Rental Price Category: ONE and TWO 

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